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Rabbit and Bear Paws Go to School

Written by: Sean Brooks - Branch Manager at Wheatland Regional Library Students at Rosthern Elementary enjoyed a visit from Chad Solomon and his interactive puppet theater, Rabbit and Bear Paws: The Way, to kick off Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month. He retold the Anishinabe Creation teaching of Nanabazhoo and the Animals. [caption...
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Celebrating French Second-Language Education Week in Saskatchewan

From February 2-6, 2015, we will be celebrating French Second-Language Education Week in our province. French Second-Language Education Week allows for all Saskatchewan citizens to recognize the importance of French language education in our schools. To celebrate this week, students were encouraged to take part in a video contest relating to this year’s theme: “How does...
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Coaching students to reach their potential in Sask. Rivers

Written by: John Schultz, Superintendent of Schools, SRPSD Sask Rivers StudentsWhat do you get when you cross something sticky with something useful? Success! The Dreamcatcher Coaching Project has provided success for students in our school division (Saskatchewan Rivers) for the past 3 years. Each...
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Growing roots in students’ learning: Kamsack’s school-community garden project

What started as a dream of two teachers has grown into a true ‘school – community’ garden. Two years ago, Grade 3 teachers Chantel Kitchen and Colleen Pennell came across a grant through the World Wildlife Federation and decided to apply. After being awarded both that grant and a grant through the TD...
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Celebrating Saskatchewan Libraries Week Online

Did you know that all Saskatchewan residents have access to an incredible selection of online journals, newspapers, and electronic books? The Ministry of Education, through the Provincial Libraries and Literacy Office, coordinates funding to public, school and associate libraries so they can access a wealth of digital resources they would not be able to afford...
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Russ: Shifting Attitudes – Developing Safe, Culturally Responsive Learning Environments For All Students

At one of our first engagement visits, Patricia and I met a woman named Karen. She is a proud mother and grandmother who was born and raised on the Muskowpetung Saulteaux First Nation and has lived on the First Nation with her husband, Michael, for 27 years.

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Russ: Engaging Students – Fish in Schools Program

Hands-on learning; these three words have come up over and over again in our conversations with students. Everywhere Patricia and I have been, students tell us they want to be active in their learning. This is hardly news to teachers; many of whom have used their imaginations to come up with innovative ways to keep students...
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Patricia: Student Pathways

‘Teenagers don’t think about their futures’ – that seems to be the general assumption of the public at large when asked about career options for students. Through our engagements with students across the province, Russ and I have found the opposite to be true; students are eager to learn about career choices but often don’t...
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Theme: Relationships

We’ve been sharing the four themes that have started to become evident throughout the engagements so far, and of course one of these is the importance of relationships between schools, families and communities. I wanted to share an example of this from one of the smaller communities we visited, as it really stood out to...
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