Russ: Shifting Attitudes – Developing Safe, Culturally Responsive Learning Environments For All Students

At one of our first engagement visits, Patricia and I met a woman named Karen. She is a proud mother and grandmother who was born and raised on the Muskowpetung Saulteaux First Nation and has lived on the First Nation with her husband, Michael, for 27 years.

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Russ: Engaging Students – Fish in Schools Program

Hands-on learning; these three words have come up over and over again in our conversations with students. Everywhere Patricia and I have been, students tell us they want to be active in their learning. This is hardly news to teachers; many of whom have used their imaginations to come up with innovative ways to keep students...
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Theme: Relationships

We’ve been sharing the four themes that have started to become evident throughout the engagements so far, and of course one of these is the importance of relationships between schools, families and communities. I wanted to share an example of this from one of the smaller communities we visited, as it really stood out to...
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